Wedding Hairstyle Tutorials from Hair Romance Part II

We’re back with more adorable wedding hairstyle tutorials from Hair Romance! This time they’ve brought us more styles for curly-haired ladies and long-haired goddesses, and even flawless looks for the gym. To get the full scoop on these overly cute wedding hairstyle tutorials, click on the links for some easy-to-follow steps! Enjoy these inspiring braids and gorgeous looks for any occasion from Hair Romance‘s fabulous and fun blog!
Curly hairstyle tutorial — the twist-tuck bun
Gym hairstyles - bubbly ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Gym hairstyles — french braid updo hairstyle tutorial
Easy everyday curly hairstyle tutorials — the curly triple bun
Half crown braid
Easy everyday curly hairstyle tutorial — the curly twist

Waterfall mermaid braid tutorial for long hair
How to do a chic rolled updo
Everyday curly hairstyles — curly braided top knot
The easiest way to do a waterfall twist braid
Feeling inspired by these lovely looks yet? Feel free to go back here for more beautifully crafted waterfall braids and fun-filled updos! Curly hair, long hair or short hair, these amazing styles from Hair Romance have us excited to try out these sophisticated wedding hairstyle tutorials. by KAYLA MARSH

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