10 In-Between Bang Hairstyles That Will Solve Your Hair Woes

Who doesn’t want their everyday ‘do to be pure perfection? Whether you’re rocking a new style like a show-stopping romantic braid or just trying to manage your everyday medium-length hair, compromising on your hair game is not an option. But sometimes hair has a mind of its own - and nobody knows this better than lovely ladies who sport bangs. A bold bang can transform your face, but what happens when the novelty has worn off or you’re just ready to move on to the next hair trend of the season? That in-between bang look can be tricky to navigate. Don’t worry - we got you, girl. There are several simple and stylish solutions to help you handle the dreaded gray area as your tresses grow out. You can thank us later.
1. Headband: Let’s begin with the basics. Headbands are a great way to keep your in-between bangs out of your face while staying on trend. Spritz a bit of hairspray onto a brush and comb it through your fringe to help keep it in place. Then, carefully put on your headband and you’re good to go! (Photo via Ian Gavan/Getty)
2. Messy Pompadour: Embrace your inner punk princess with a tried-and-true pompadour look. Simply tease, spray and secure your bangs for an elevated style designed to take your tresses to new heights. Whether you’re heading to a concert or going out with the girls, this voluminous style is perfect for any and all adventures. (Photo via Refinery29)

3. Embellished Side-Sweep: Sometimes bangs are so stubborn, you just need to sweep them to the side. The key to this style is to avoid too-sweet vibes via an on-trend hair clip. Gently comb your bangs across your forehand and pin them in place with a couple of swoon-worthy hair accessories. (via ELLE)
4. Fold Over Bang Twist: Sometimes the best hairstyles are the ones that require fewer steps. With just two bobby pins and a few minutes, you’ll have a polished look that’s quick and easy to complete. This look especially works if your bangs are too short to tuck behind your ear. (via The Small Things Blog)
5. Face-Framing Bangs: It isn’t always about hiding your in-between tresses — embrace your long bangs by letting them effortlessly frame your face. Part them in the middle to accentuate your features. (Photo via Ron Adar/Getty)
6. Simple Holiday Hair: Even though this hairdo is meant for the holidays, we say break the rules and rock it ASAP. With a sparkly ribbon and a curling iron, you can keep your bangs in place and look chic AF in just a few steps. (via Say Yes)
7. Twisted Bangs: This hairstyle is perfect for when you’re short on time but still need to turn out a look that’s high on style. Part your hair down the middle, twist both ends away from your face and pin each side with a bobby pin. It’s as easy as that! (Photo via Bethany Marie Photography)

8. Deep Side Part: Opt for a deep side part to show off your natural locks. Your in-between bangs will serve double duty as long layers for shorter hair. Add a bit of texturizing product to side-swept styles for an edgy look that’s stylish and funky. (Photo via Instyle/Jem Mitchell)
9. Thick Summer Braid: Don’t let your in-between bangs put you in a slump. Upgrade your lifeless locks with a loose French braid that evokes girly vibes all day long. (via Treasures and Travels)
10. Baby French Braids: To get this majorly glam look, part your hair down the middle and French braid each side tightly against the crown of your head. Add a bit of hairspray for a tighter hold and pair it with a chic dress for the ultimate date-night look. (Photo via Theo Wargo/Getty)

source:brit.co   by:Raven Ishak

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