16 Beautiful Fall Wedding Looks (for Guests)

Other than June, October is considered to be the most popular time of the year for people to get married. This means that as the leaves start to turn and the temperatures begin to drop, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to get at least one wedding invitation this year.

And just what should you wear? Good question.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a bit of inspiration via the following fall finds below.

1. Dress with a low back

Dress with a low back/via

 Whether you’re coming or going, you’re going to make quite the impression if you decide to wear the kind of dress that has a really low back to it.

2. One-sleeve dress

One-sleeve dress/via

 Or how about something like this one-sleeve number? It’s appropriate for a wedding in the day or evening.

3. Neutral-colored dress

Neutral-colored dress/via

 If you happen to have an olive or darker skin tone, don’t be afraid to consider going with a neutral hue. With the right accessories, a dress like this can make you look like an absolute knock out!

4. Sleeveless cocktail dress

Sleeveless cocktail dress/via

 Every woman should have a cocktail dress like this one. It’s so sweet and romantic. Like weddings are.

5. Lace dress

Lace dress/via

 It’s our humble opinion that lace always looks good on a woman. Any woman.

6. Dark top and bright flare skirt

Dark top and bright flare skirt/via

 Some people assume that during the fall, they should nix a lot of the bright colors. We couldn’t disagree more. Amidst the yellows and oranges that fall has to offer, colors like bright pink that be so a nice complement.

7. Geometric print dress

Geometric print dress/via

 If you read a lot of fashion mag and blogs, then you’ve probably happened upon at least one or two dresses that look just like this. That’s because geometric prints are all the rage for fall.

8. Slit-sleeves dress

Slit-sleeves dress

 So are dresses (or even pant suits for the matter) that have slits in them. Where? Shoot, just about anywhere!

9. Two-tone satin dress

Two-tone satin dress/via

 Are you planning on going to a formal fall wedding? If so, this type of dress will either have your date in a state of speechless or result in you getting a date from another guest once you arrive.

10. Fancy pleated skirt

Fancy pleated skirt/

 You’re going to see a lot of gray this fall. Here’s just one way to pull it over in an effortless and truly stunning kind of way.

11. Sequin pencil skirt

Sequin pencil skirt

The cool thing about dresses like this is if it’s too chilly outside, you can always put a blazer on over it.

12. Satin cocktail dress

Satin cocktail dress

 Sometimes it’s the detailing that will make a dress. Sure it’s pretty enough but what’s memorable about it are the ruffled sleeves.

13. Velvet dress

Velvet dress

 Velvet is one fabric that is an upcoming fall favorite. So of course it’s super ideal for a fall wedding.

14. Dressy jumpsuit

Dressy jumpsuit

 Who said you shouldn’t wear a jumpsuit to a wedding. Hmph. Whoever it was didn’t see this one yet!

15. Dress with capped short sleeves and detailing

Dress with capped short sleeves and detailing

 This is just another example of how to make a floral print work for a fall wedding.

16. Embroidered dress

Embroidered dress
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